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“It always seems impossible until it’s done” -Nelson Mandella

What is CrossFit

CrossFit is a mixture of cardio, gymnastics and weightlifting and is an all round functional strength training program. Combining core training, body weight training and even kettlebells, this is the perfect strength and cardio workout. CrossFit utilizes functional movements in varied daily workouts in a group environment.

Our workouts are both hard and completely scalable. Adopted by the US Navy SEALS, Canadian Army, Police and Special Forces units worldwide, as well as a variety of serious amateur and professional athletes, CrossFit is the ultimate form of cross-training that produces results that frequently surprise even experienced athletes. But every exercise is completely scalable, meaning that whether you are an elite athlete, someone getting fit for the first time, rehabbing from an injury, from eight to eighty years old, you can adapt your workout to maximize your potential and provide you with concrete results.

Benefits of Rampant CrossFit

  • Drop Unwanted Pounds, Fast!
  • A Never Boring Workout
  • Improve Flexibility & Strength
  • Increased Confidence & Discipline
  • Increased Fitness & Health
  • Have Fun While Getting In Great Shape

“Addicted to this place! I’ve been coming here for a year and these workouts have become the best part of my day. Amazing gym-mates and coaches to motivate you and keep you on track. Cannot say enough good things about this place!!”

-Laura E., Rampant CrossFit

“Rampant CrossFit is an amazing place with great friendly people. I have lost 18lbs. since I started 3 months ago. I highly recommend anyone to go and give this a try and you too will love it here. Jason and the other coaches will teach you and help you get in shape.”

-Nate W., Rampant CrossFit

“Participating in CrossFit at Rampant CrossFit has helped me get in the best shape of my life. In 12 months I’ve gained 20lbs. of lean muscle mass with the training and diet advice. I’m a Captain in the Army, and my fitness test score went from 250 to 280 out of 300.”

-Stephen V., Rampant CrossFit